On-site services

  • Recording
  • Editing and Production
  • Programming
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Composition
  • Sound Design

Remote/Internet services

  • Drum Tracking
  • Vocal Tuning
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Audio Restoration and Transfers

On-site services

  • Recording : At Area 18 we offer a variety of recording techniques to suit your project. We can accommodate a band playing together live. Alternatively, if you prefer to track each instrument separately, that's no problem. We specialize in recording real instruments acoustically, often using multi-micing setups for a more detailed sound. We also do a great deal of vocal recording as well as spoken word, for voice-overs, audio books, internet and radio broadcasts.
  • Editing and Production : Whilst our philosopy is to strive for source recordings which are as close to perfect as possible, we realise that the demands of modern music can be tough. All our engineers have over 10 years experience in the London music industry. We are adept at employing the huge variety of techniques available in ProTools and Logic to hone recordings and performances to perfection.
  • Programming : With our comprehensive range of software instruments, synths and samplers we have almost every angle covered when it comes to programmed music. All our engineers have extensive experience of MIDI production techniques in a variety of electronic music genres.
  • Mixing : We generally mix on ProTools, taking advantage of the wide range of RTAS and TDM plug-ins available at the studio as well as the generous amounts of Digital Signal Processing Power provided by our ProTools HD system. This also means we are able to recall mixes instantly and exactly how we last left them. Something that all our clients find very useful.
  • Mastering : We offer a competitive mastering service, to give that final boost and sheen to a stereo mix and to provide e.p. and album tracks with an overall coherence. The final product will be presented as a Red Book CD master, complete with all the necessary encoding required for manufacture and commercial release.
  • Composition : Richard is not only an experienced engineer and producer. He is also very musically literate and creative, with performances, and writing credits on many clients recordings. He has a considerable number of credits in his own right as a composer of production music for TV,film and music libraries. Simon too is a songwriter and creative musician, currently active in several bands including his own "Max Harris Project". We are able to produce bespoke music to your brief, as well as to sync to picture and we have a large network of musicians to call upon should additional instrumentalists or vocalists be required.
  • Sound Design :Richard and Simon are both experienced in the area of sound design for spoken word productions. Credits include several radio plays for broadcast on the BBC. We are happy to take on projects in this area.

Remote/internet services

  • Drum Tracking : Need real drums on your songs? Send us your tracks on-line, and we will record a live drummmer and return the files to you either mixed to a stereo file or as a raw multi-track recording.
  • Vocal Tuning : Do your vocal recordings need a little extra enhancement? We are able to carry out pitching and timing corrections to lead and backing vocals and send you back the resulting audio files. Your vocals, in perfect time and tune, with minimal perceptible artefacts.
  • Mixing and Mastering : Send us your multi-track recordings or stereo masters on-line. We will mix and master them for you and send them back - over the internet.
  • Audio Restoration and Transfers : If you have material on older formats such as vinyl, cassette or DAT that require transfer to audio wav files. We can carry that out. Additionally, we are able to digitally enhance poor quality recordings removing background hiss, rumble, crackles and pops etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for pricing and to discuss your project in more detail.

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