Richard Bignell

Richard has been working in the London music industry for the last 15 years. During this time he has built up a wealth of experience as a free-lance engineer, programmer and producer. Prior to setting up Area18, he worked regularly at several prestigious London studios including Strongroom and Roundhouse. In addition he worked on two albums at Jamiroquai's Buckinghamshire studio. He has a double platinum disc for his work as the Pro Tools engineer on Jamiroquai's 2006 LP "High Times". He now works mainly with clients at Area18.

He is a qualified Pro-Tools instructor, teaching on a free-lance basis at the renowned Alchemea College of Audio Engineering, Islington, London.

As a musician, he has performed live on keyboards and percussion with Milk Plus. He has also guested on tracks for Mark Handley and the Bone Idols and several other artists.

As a writer/composer he has collaborated with a number of songwriters including Leonie Casanova and Chuma Obumselu. He has numerous published works, as a writer of production music for TV, advertising
(inc. Philips Ambisonics TV, and PC World), film (House of Fear) and several music library companies (inc. Extreme and Syntrax).

Credits at Area18

R=Recording, M=Mixing, Pr=Production, Pe=Performances, Wr=Writing, Eng=Engineering, Ma=Mastering

Artist Title Role Year
Healthy Junkies Copy Cat EP R,M,Co-Pr,Ma 2010
Elephant 12 Elephant 12 EP R,M,Co-Pr,Ma 2009/10
Dakota Suite Valissa Live LP Ma 2010
The Barbershop Music Company Atmospheres LP M 2010
The Barbershop Music Company Boosey and Hawkes LP M 2010
Raphael Oyelade My Last Song (Single) R,M,Pr,Co-Wr,Pe,Ma 2009/10
The Quotes The Monte Rosa EP R,M,Co-Pr 2009
Zed Desideraja Mutiny LP R,M 2007-9
Hiroshamour One LP R,M,Co-Pr 2009
Mark Handley Eden LP R,M,Co-Pr 2009
Altercation London EP R,M,Co-Pr 2009
Mark Handley Love Rocks (Part1) LP R,M,Co-Pr 2008
Honeygene Under the Almond Tree LP R,M,Co-Pr 2008/9
Mark Handley Love Rocks (Part2) LP R,M,Co-Pr 2008
Atheen Spencer Waited EP R,M,Co-Pr,Pe 2008
Mark Handley and the Bone Idols Handley with Care LP R,M,Co-Pr 2007
Honeygene A Beautiful Place To Get Lost LP R,M,Co-Pr 2007
The Shaker Heights Magna Doors LP R,M 2006/7
Mark Handley and the Bone Idols Slough Train Coming LP M 2006
Phil Honey-Jones Naked and Naive LP R,M,Co-Pr 2006
Milk Plus Hit and Run LP R,M,Pr,Co-Wr,Pe 2005/6

Other Credits

Artist Title Role Year
Johnson Somerset 10 Presidents LP M,Prog 2009
The Milk and Honey Band In Colour LP Add Mixing 2008
The Milk and Honey Band Dog Eared Moonlight LP Add Mixing 2008
Jamiroquai High Times LP PT Eng 2006
Jamiroquai Dynamite LP Add Eng 2004/5
Fantazia Mulsheshe LP R,M,Co-Pr,Pe 2004/5
Sheila Ferguson A New Kind of Medicine LP Engineer 2004
Afro Angel Magic Single (Remix) Eng,M 2003
Sigue Sigue Sputnik Ultra Real LP Engineer 2003
Sigue Sigue Sputnik Blak Elvis LP Engineer 2002
Marc Almond Heart On Snow LP VoxRec, Prog 2002
Nick Heyward and India Dupre The Mermaid and the Lighthouse Keeper LP R,M,Prog,Pe,Co-Pr 2001/2
SugarFree/The Delta Boy Automatic Pier LP R,M,Prog,Pe,Co-Pr 2000-02
Johnny Thunders Tribute (Various) I Only Wrote This Song For You LP Engineer 2002
Blockbuster (Various) A 70s Glitter Glam Rock Experience LP R,M,Co-Pr 2000
DJ Rap Learning Curve LP Engineer 1999
Man With No Name Earth Moving The Sun LP Engineer 1997
Steve Winwood Spy in the House of Love, Single(Remix) Programmer 1997

Other notable artists Richard has worked with, or for include....

Ben Onono, Nagra, Sugarfree, Addis Black Widow, Shara Nelson, Travis, Mica Paris, Shellie Poole (Alicia' Attic), Talvin Singh, Nitin Sawney, Amar, Bryan Ferry, Johnson Somerset, West End Wolf, All Saints, Simple Minds, Geri Halliwell, Errol Brown, Tatjana, D-Influence, The Cornerstones, Ramshackle, Freewheelin' Franklin, Will Topley, Roachford, Grey Cloud Zombie, Sam Obernik, Shelly Poole, Lottie, Lazy Curtis, Steve Hillage, State of Bengal, Boo Radleys, Delakota, Billie Ray Martin, DJ Rap, Lamb, Satoshi Tomeii, Mel C, Culture Club, Pillbox, Susan Heyat, and Amanda Ghost.

Area 18 Recording : The Alphabeta Centre, 7-11 Minerva Road, London, NW10 6HJ
Email: : Phone: +447958580164